Innovations Driving Growth

Managed Services

Growing and enhancing managed service offering

Tunstall is building on experience and increasing the footprint of Managed Services, proactive care services and enhanced delivery through: 

  • End to end coordination of services 
  • Active involvement in pathway and process redesign phases 
  • Long-term contracts 
  • Shared outcome incentives with flexibility in commercial models

Examples of Managed Service Delivery:


  • Tunstall Televida has partnered with Barcelona to provide support to more than 120,000 older people; this includes proactive, prevention and wellbeing services
  • The level of intensity of contact is set depending on the individual’s need and strong care is provided for those in special situations of risk of vulnerability, whilst those with a good level of autonomy receive care that is focused on prevention

Download the Managed Service Spain case study


  • Birmingham is investing £14m over 4 years to benefit up to 25,000 citizens with a City-wide telecare service through a unique partnership with Tunstall, integrating social care with a Managed Service equipment and monitoring service
  • Social care professionals identify risks for the individual, which are then translated into a range of agreed packages of technology-enabled care

Download the Managed Service Birmingham case study


Remote Patient Monitoring

Accelerating growth in Remote Patient Monitoring and Support

Our remote patient monitoring and support solutions support commissioners, health economies, pharma, clinical research organisations, hospitals to:

  • Provide enhanced clinical outcomes at reduced cost
  • Enable greater self-care
  • Introduce innovative new care pathways

Example of Remote Patient Monitoring and Support

Northern Ireland 

Since 2011, over 4000 people with long term conditions in Northern Ireland have been referred to Tunstall remote telemonitoring, aggregating to 1.25 million monitored days. Monitoring services have successfully triaged alerts such that only 6% have escalated to clinical response.

Download the Remote Patient Monitoring and Support case study 



IP-connected technology

Delivering innovative health & care solutions using IP-connected technology

Examples of Tunstall’s IP enabled services

We are already delivering IP-enabled solutions across Europe and Australasia and this provides a much wider service proposition which can subsequently be offered across the Group. 

Proactive support services

A lifestyle/wellbeing monitoring programme providing friends/family access to the user's specific data a via web portal.

Medical reminders service

Enables the user to receive audio and visual reminders e.g. to take medication, via home unit and Tunstall mobile app.

Social inclusion in Assisted Living

Provides Assisted Living residents with access to information, and enables video connectivity.

Mobility and "locability"

Enables the efficient delivery of location/response services to the user out of the home through a range of devices.

In-hospital services

Enhanced NurseCall functionality, providing secure hospital systems over converged IP networks.

In Sweden, the switch to digital is resulting in an increasing number of tenders requiring the provider to offer managed services.

Consequently, those contracts are becoming increasingly popular, where the entire end-to-end service is bundled and outsourced to one partner: equipment, monitoring and maintenance are covered by a monthly fee per user.