Managed Service Spain

TelevidaTeleassistance services (2014) covers

  • More than 245,000+ users across Spain with telecare and associated services
  • 16+ million calls pa across 8 centres
  • Tiered service according to need
  • Preventative approach - 75% of all calls are outbound
  • Coordinated across multiple stakeholders


  • In addition to delivering Barcelona’s municipal telecare service, which serves 75,000 users, Tunstall Televida also provides Barcelona’s Local Telecare Service (SLT).
  • The SLT provides 67,000 people who are older and/or have long-term care needs with a range of support including telecare systems; monitoring; home care; prevention and wellbeing services.
  • The service currently has 11 mobile response units that cover the entire area of service, enabling a 24-hour response to possible emergencies to people at home

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Clinical outcomes

  • Currently 10% of people 65+ and 25% of people 80+ in the province receive the SLT service
  • Health – promotes healthy lifestyles, focused on people with long-term conditions
  • Safety – preventing falls, improving safety at home and away from home
  • Inclusion –reducing social isolation
  • Carers – supporting carers

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