Remote patient monitoring Calderdale

NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) serves a population of 213,000 people, almost 17,000 of whom are currently living with a long-term condition (LTC).

  • 24 care homes have been given telecare systems and access to telehealth to support the needs of up to 1,000 residents
  • Using Tunstall’s portable myclinic multi-user telehealth system, care staff will take readings such as blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation. These results are then transmitted to the Tunstall Response Centre and results outside of the parameters set will raise an alert on the system, resulting in the Quest Matron being informed


The project has been implemented in three key phases

  • Providing access for GPs and Quest Matrons to real time clinical records through the provision of an IT system in the care homes
  • Development of telecare and telehealth systems to support prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Investment in a Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT), providing an integrated social and clinical approach to support anticipatory care planning

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Clinical outcomes

A key focus for the pilot has been to reduce admissions to hospital from the residents of care homes, typically for urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, falls and fractures.

The pilot provides additional support to care home staff to help improve outcomes and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

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Economic outcomes

For year one of the pilot 2014/15

  • The cost of hospital stays has reduced, saving £456,166 in a year
  • Emergency admissions down 25% year-on-year
  • Hospital stays down 26% year-on-year
  • Hospital bed days used decreased by 16% year-on-year
  • GP care home visits have reduced by 58% compared to non-Quest homes
  • Care home staff feel more supported and empowered
  • Residents benefit from avoiding unnecessary hospital admission

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