Transitional Care

Improving referrals efficiency

Our connected health solutions help assist acute healthcare providers through administrative managed services.

Patient scheduling and physician referral systems support the management of transitional care by increasing patient access and expediting hospital discharge.

Connected health services can deliver a number of benefits in transitional care:

  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Improved staff & patient experience

Scheduling Optimisation

New York Area Hospital, USA

The Challenge
  • No-show appointments create a significant drag on both utilisation of resources and ability to provide timely patient care
  • Many reasons why patients miss appointments, making a single solution difficult
  • Incorrect contact information is spotted too late to make a difference in attendance
The Solution
  • Outbound call campaign utilising a blend of automated reminder and live reminder calls
  • Analysis of clinic-specific response data to tailor approach and decrease no-shows

The Results

  • Appointment reminder programme: 95% of clinics decreased their no-show rates
  • Range from 15-43% decrease in no-shows when compared to baseline
  • Standardisation of operating procedures across clinics enabling best practice sharing

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