Innovative Care models supported by market leading platforms  

As the challenge of addressing and increasing care burden grows care models need to innovate to cope with the growing complexity of services insight required. The platforms that support the new ways of working need to be robust, flexible and interoperable with a growing estate of platforms and products informing care providers of service users changing needs.

Capturing the data is only one part of the story. To be able to deliver a fully proactive and predictive care & health solution, the key area of our focus is investment in sophisticated technology platforms to offer data management and analytics to enable informed decision making.

Connected services, co-ordinated health & care

  • Connecting stakeholders, in a variety of care & health settings anywhere, in real time through cloud-based, digital connectivity.
  •  Keeping people informed and connected to care through apps and data sharing.
  • Our smart solutions provide relevant insights and enable the delivery of efficient, proactive, preventative and co-ordinated community-based care.
  • As well as the current data warehousing and business intelligence tools offered, which include dashboards and customised reporting, expanding on pattern recognition and predictive analytics will be a focus for future development.
  • Our focus is on developing smart solutions which provide relevant insights and enable the delivery of efficient, proactive, preventative and co-ordinated community-based care.
  • As well as the current data warehousing and business intelligence tools offered, which include dashboards and customised reporting, expanding on pattern recognition and predictive analytics will be a focus for future development.



Solutions to support connected care and health


Tunstall Service Platform

TSP includes PNC, Tunstall's market leading call handling solution. TSP broadens Tunstall's solution offering beyond call handling and management. It has been designed to support the complex process care providers undertake when accessing, planning and delivering care to vulnerable adults living in the community. In addition to PNC, TSP consists of a number of modules.

Service Manager

Service Manger supports the efficient running of a telecare service, keeping track of the delivery process from end-to-end, and enabling back office and mobile workforce management. Service Manager enables the recording of client outcomes, helping to evaluate the impact of the service.

Field Force Manager

Provides field force management capabilities for deployment teams and optimises time & availability of resources. This includes real-time activity reports providing detailed information on worker activity, location tracking and electronic timesheets. By using Smart Worker Mobile Application Field Force Management also optimizes a workers sequence of events with the ability to captures images and e-signatures as part of the work flow.

Proactive Services

The Proactive Services module enables Tunstall’s Proactive Care service to be planned, delivered and measured




At the heart of TSP is PNC, our flagship, class leading call handling & alarm management.

Flexible deployment options – Cloud, Managed and On-Premise

Interoperable – with a wide range of protocols. Further integration to 3rd party systems via REST API

Scalable – from small to large deployments, up to one million connections from a single deployment

Easy to use – intuitive user interface specifically designed for operator speed and efficiency

Future proof – IP alarm ready and with data encryption included for the GDPR

Trusted – number one customer choice in the UK, with tailored support and back-up


Integrated Care Platform

Patient management platform ICP Triagemanager provides an environment which enables clinical and service teams to monitor patients remotely by processing readings received from myMobile and myKiosk connected health devices.


Easy to use and intuitive Patient App with automated alerts and ability for manual Entry of BYOD expanding variety of devices utilized. Included are Health Questionnaires for non-device related clinical information with Bi-directional messaging for interactive patient communication and Video Conferencing improving patient interaction


Extending Self-management capabilities to carers, friends and family providing peace of mind and ability of pro-active support. Providing a view of current and historic readings for result comparisons as well as viewing of upper and lower limit settings improving patient empowerment in care.


Device Management Platform

DMP is a unique cloud based software service developed by Tunstall.

All Digital Hubs and associated peripheral devices deployed in the field are monitored and managed by the Device Management Platform (DMP). The DMP allows operators to check units for regular heartbeats to ensure correct functionality and act if issues our found. The software also creates data logs of usage and monitors performance.





Care co-ordination platform

TES is Installed in over 120 Swedish municipalities enabling the planning and coordination of multi-disaplinery care teams and the Community based care they deliver.

Initially a system for planning, route optimisation and time/activity registration for home care TES now includes capability to manage digital locks and residential access as well as delivering video based social care visiting supporting cases where visual verification is important.

TES consists of a number of modules:

Care Planning

Plan home care visits based on decision using preferred contact persons, travel time and competences as constraints for the planning. Automated (optimsed) planning based on above constraints when weighting different parameters such as staff continuity, efficiency, work distribution. Staff activities, breaks and non-recurrent, non-time critical activities as well as quality and efficiency measures (% of decided time planned, % of staff work time planned)

Activity Tracking & Reporting

Register performed care- and staff activities by mobile or web including proof of location by NFC tags or Bluetooth locks (CareLock). Register planned and unplanned activities as well as deviations including free text notes or spoken notes about the visit/elderly. Compare performed care to planned including follow up quality and deviations and use time registration for billing. TES also includes and in built messaging system to aim collaboration around the individual service users needs.

Video Visiting

TES now includes video visiting capability which has been pioneered in Sweden and is addressing service users who need more contextual care to verify their condition and status. The early results are showing great promise for further service innovation and improved outcomes for the service users, their care teams and families.


Friends and Family App

Juno is an activity monitoring and wellbeing smartphone app/website that works with Tunstall’s Smarthub system. It provides reassurance and peace of mind for friends and family to enable individuals to continue living independently by tracking movement and activity, quickly alerting loved ones to anything out of the ordinary.

The app is designed for friends, family members or informal carers of individuals living independently. It is suitable for anyone who would like to remotely monitor the wellbeing of an older or vulnerable person or someone living with a long term health condition.

Juno has many benefits:

  • It offers peace of mind to individuals living independently that they are being monitored and any unusual activity will be picked up.
  • Friends and family members are reassured by being able to remotely check the wellbeing of a loved one using a smartphone app, reducing stress and worry.
  • Data allows decisions to be made faster without relying on the account of the end user.
  • It reduces the need for intrusive checks by formal or informal carers
  • It provides the option to review most recent alert notifications
  • It collects wellbeing data to enable informed decision making about the next steps for care.
  • It allows users to see who has access to the Juno account and is viewing a loved one’s activity.

Tunstall Protocols

Designed specifically for telecare, Tunstall protocols fully support all current telecare sensors.

The TT21 allows full alarm meaning and location information to be transmitted. It also has the flexibility to support new telecare sensors as and when they become available e.g. fall detector not worn and activation cancelled.

Additional features of the TT21 also include the alarm meaning and location information to be separated to allow both to be transmitted for all telecare sensors e.g. with the TT92 – each flood detector can only be identified as Flood Detector 1, 2 etc, whereas with the TT21 – each flood detector can be identified along with its location e.g. Flood Detector Downstairs W/C

Our protocols are all fully compatible with the two character call code field used on PNC 8. This enables 1 of 274 call codes to be identified when an alarm is raised, providing the monitoring centre with more complete and accurate information relating to the alarm activation (e.g. manual activation, high/low temperature, bed/chair not up, virtual sensors etc) as well as the information calls (e.g. auto low battery and auto presence fail)

Other features of our protocols include:

Support for both Lifeline home units and grouped housing system equipment, providing standard alarm handling information across all Tunstall systems

Enhanced security, providing protection against potential future use of protocol to transmit confidential client information

Designed to be implemented with a minimum of changes to existing software libraries

Extensible to FSK based operation for fast data transfer i.e. ADLife

Designed to support the implementation of third party interface applications e.g. Continua Alliance and Soprano


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