Connected Services

Connected Services, transforming Care & Health

Designing and delivering services that support vulnerable individuals, and those with challenging healthcare conditions can be complicated. At Tunstall we spend time understanding the requirements of the organisations and their users to determine the appropriate technology, platforms and services to optimise the tailored delivery of care & health solutions.

Our services start with the provision of our market leading software portfolio delivered via a SaaS enabled platform, through to fully outsourced service model, where we provide highly trained teams to manage end to end care delivery from the 15 response centres worldwide. For a growing number of customers we also provide social care teams and first responder services to deliver face to face care to the service users at home.

Monitoring & Response Services

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Managed Technology Services

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Managed Care & Health Services

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A User Centric Approach

The combination of an ageing population, increases in long term chronic conditions and ever decreasing budgets, has led to care and health providers continually seeking new alternatives for improving services, whilst delivering improvements in individual user outcomes alongside making cost savings.

While the majority of traditional telecare services are reactive to events, our approach is to address situations before they become an issue. Our solutions develop proactive and personalised programmes of care to achieve better health and care management at lower cost and with increased efficiencies.

  • We are building the first generation of predictive care using big-data enabled analytics to flag potential adverse events before they happen.
  • This will enable interventions to be made earlier to avoid or mitigate issues. Initial pilot results from care data alone have demonstrated a greater than 80% accuracy in predicting falls - one of the largest causes of hospitalisation in older people.


Connected Care

Our innovative range of care solutions and services enable people to live more independent and fulfilling lives. Whether it's in an individual’s home or in residential care, our proactive and integrated approach provides 24/7 monitoring and support to deliver efficient and responsive care.

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Case Studies

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