Over 23 million calls handled across Tunstall's monitoring centres each year

Currently, in most of the world, telecare is a reactive, alarm based response. To achieve better care management at lower cost, systems need to be proactive and personalised.

Such programmes proactively contact users and their carers to deliver support programmes to help them live well with the challenges they face, better enabling them to live longer fulfilling lives independently.


Predictive Care in Spain

Tunstall Televida has been delivering proactive care programmes since 1994 and personalised care since 2016. The innovative Teleassistance service combines telecare monitoring and response, coordinates social care and third party services and delivers proactive outbound contact.

Adding big-data enabled predictive analytics to this service flags potential adverse events before they happen, meaning that interventions can be made earlier to avoid or mitigate issues.

Pilot work has already demonstrated for example over 80% accuracy in predicting a fall (one of the largest causes of hospitalisation in the elderly) from care data alone. This offers progressively increasing benefit for users, carers and health/care systems with the latter having significant economic impacts.

The success of the public-private partnership is due to the relationship we have with our customers. We understand their logic, they understand ours, and we work in partnership together.

Abel Delgado, CEO Tunstall Southern Europe

Key Statistics

  • 475,000 service users across Spain, 194,000 of these in Catalonia
  • 19.4 million calls (2018) handled across 8 monitoring centres each year with advanced telecare
  • Tiered service according to need
  • Preventative approach with 80% outbound calls and rapid response
  • 78 mobile response units across Spain, response time <40 mins



  • Co-ordinated across multiple stakeholders
  • Additional campaigns e.g. healthy lifestyles, falls prevention, inclusion, carer support
  • Reduced A&E visits and ambulance call outs
  • Delayed admissions to residential care


Benefits for Users & Carers

  • Delivery of telecare support can help users feel safe and sufficiently able to continue to live in their own homes.
  • For those with friends and family as carers it can provide them with support and confidence that their loved one is safe and supported.
  • For those who are socially isolated, proactive and personalised programmes can reduce loneliness and help them cope with critical situations.
  • Collectively, direct user support and support for carers can create the conditions in which they are safe, enabled and able to enjoy independent living for longer than would be the case without.
  • The existing research in Spain has illustrated just how strong some of these benefits can be in proactive and personalised settings.



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