User Centred Connected Technology

Tunstall has over 65 years experience in designing products and solutions that are compatible with the latest communication protocols. With our sensor and home hub portfolio, we’re already developing products and services with future proof connectivity and interoperability to deliver the data from devices that our customers will demand.

Enabling people's lifestyles

Our technology solutions enable clients’ lifestyles, through carefully managed solutions which facilitate the most appropriate level of care:

  • Suitable for small-scale individual facilities or large-scale, multi-site operations
  • Available with local or cloud-based management options
  • Simple, with largely wireless installation
  • Remotely managed and maintained with ongoing development and support
  • Robust, with fully compliant architecture

Technology fit for the future

As a market leading provider of strategic, innovation-led digital health and care solutions, we focus on developing solutions for three key areas:

User Experience and Interaction

Wearable technology such as pendants and personal alarms and digital interactions including video calling or messaging have now become part of daily life.

Once the technology of the future, sensor monitoring and data capture through devices has become normalised, speaking to a GP via video link or getting a hospital reminder by text is almost standard.

At Tunstall, we see our role as developing market leading products and services. This is why we are focusing on the development of mobile applications, bring your own device (BYOD) compatible solutions and the integration of digital personal assistants to support professional care and health delivery, which will increase engagement and compliance.

Keeping Pace with Connectivity

The last decade has seen a faster pace of technological change than any other before it.

Radio frequency (RF) and 4G are now standard communication protocols, however over the next 10 years we are likely to see an even more rapid pace of development and possibilities for data transfer. There will be increased reliance on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as well as the expansion of the fiber optic access infrastructure (FFTx).

The full scale introduction of 5G will deliver ultra high data transfer, energy efficiency, increased reliability and mobility with low powered sensors and devices being connected directly to the cloud, enabling huge volumes of data to be processed relatively inexpensively.

The Future of Devices and Home Hubs

Our IP-based Smart Hub and Careline 4G offer consolidates the latest technology and integrates 3rd party technology into our open hub platform to facilitate this.

In the future we are focusing on extended integration with smart home devices and Edge computing, developing new platforms for adding new functionality, sophisticated sensors and eventually the complete integration with a standard smart eco-system.

We are seeking to introduce a Tunstall partnership programme to actively work to develop innovative services, as well as peer-to-peer partnerships within group living to simplify installation and configuration.

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