Smart Hub: Fit for the future. Connecting people and care in a digital age

Communications technology is changing at a rapid pace. Tunstall’s James Hastie, Head of proposition and mobile looks at how Connected Care is embracing telecare technology fit for the future through our latest Smart Hub innovation.

Connecting people and care in the digital age

Nov 1, 2018

BT recently announced that it intends to begin moving UK customers from analogue to IP voice telephone services by 2025. Other communications companies in Germany, Japan, Sweden, are already in the process of moving voice over IP (VOIP) systems. Orange has set a goal of having all IP (digital) networks by 2020 and Deutsche Telekom aims to migrate all its lines in Europe to digital by the end of 2018. []

The future of traditional telecare systems needs to be able to adapt this changing technological landscape. As pioneers of connected health and care technology, Tunstall is working with its global customer base to empower a bright future for digital care and embrace the opportunities that these changes in technology present.

Connected care

The advent of IP and mobile technology means that for the first time all elements of Connected Care [Link to Connected Care services page] can link together, making it easier to make sure the appropriate level of care can be provided at the right time.

In response to the future needs of truly connected care, Tunstall has launched the Smart Hub, it’s first IP home unit, providing a digital platform for the delivery of care in the home. The Smart Hub forms a key part of our portfolio of products and services and offers an easy to install, future proof solution to enable independent living in individual or group environments.

Cutting edge technology

Using cellular technology and working on the 2/3G mobile network with a roaming SIM, the Smart Hub doesn’t need a landline, removing limitations on location and installation. It is the first home unit designed to operate within a new Connected Healthcare eco system [Link to Our Services page] which includes a unique, cloud-based Device Management Platform (DMP) system that is customised for the efficient delivery and management of Connected Care services.

Intelligent connectivity

The Smart Hub provides data rich connectivity by incorporating cellular and ethernet technology with an integrated and inclusive cellular SIM service, removing the complexity of SIM card provision. Designed to enable remote management and configuration of Connected Care devices, including the Smart Hub home unit, it provides a platform for future services and functionality as they are developed. It also supports the move to enhanced data rich services such as 5G and Blue Tooth Low Energy (BTLE).

24/7 monitoring and remote support

Supported by Tunstall’s latest monitoring software platform PNC 8, the Smart Hub’s Device Management Platform enables robust asset management, enabling the technology to be effectively monitored, managed and configured remotely over the air for maximum efficiency. This minimises disruption for the service user, reducing the need and cost of maintenance visits and allows greater flexibility for field-based care teams.

Preventative and proactive future care

With digital connectivity and Tunstall’s new Device Management Platform (DMP), the Smart Hub provides a ground-breaking, future-proof foundation for the delivery of Connected Care. It opens up a new world of possibilities for the provision of care in the home. Linking all the elements of Connected Care together can expand service provision to meet evolving future needs. By integrating with smartphone apps, digital dashboards and analytics platforms we will be able to capture data to deliver preventative and proactive care to adapt to future challenges.


Are prepared for the connectivity telecare challenges of the future?

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