Local expertise, global strength

Mar 8, 2023

Local expertise, global strength

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, Tunstall is highlighting just a few of the employees integral to its global success. They tell us more about their diverse backgrounds, roles and achievements, and what they find most rewarding about working for an organisation dedicated to enabling choice and independence.

Marianne Rydgren, Product Manager in Sweden

I’ve had a really varied career, working in journalism and education before my role at Tunstall working with platform development and apps. I have a wide range of interests, so it’s important to me that I can work in a collaborative role  where I can use and develop different talents, and continue to grow and learn about technology and people.

There is a real atmosphere of mutual respect in the office here. Everyone is listened to, and opinions and ideas are recognised equally. I feel very comfortable with my colleagues and consider many of them friends. I’ve achieved many of my professional aspirations, and Tunstall has made me feel valued for my contribution and given me opportunities to develop and change my position. It has also given me the important flexibility to balance my career with raising my children. When I see that our products and programmes are used and appreciated by our users, I know that all this, together with the warmth that exists between caregivers and the elderly people, brings them a real quality of life, that's when I find the real meaning of my work.


Emma Keaney, Software Development Manager in UK

My whole career has been in software engineering, but my family is full of doctors and clinicians. Although I chose not to follow that path myself, it was important to me to find a role that was related to care and health in a company that contributed to society in some way, and Tunstall gives me that. The people I work with are motivated by the same values. We have a common purpose and come to work for the same reasons. I love the people I work with; we have some very talented and skilled people and it’s wonderful to work with them. At Tunstall we have very caring teams where everyone looks out for each other. We’re motivated by excellence and quality in what we do, but also helping to build a culture that is inclusive and fun.


Melanie Bruland, Junior HR/People Specialist (Marketing) in Germany

I studied Communication Science before I started my career at Tunstall in marketing. I’ve since moved into the HR department, but still specialising in marketing, so it feels like I’ve been able to curate all of my experience and interests into one single role. My HR Team and I work to attract and retain the right talent into the business. To me that means discovering the person that suits the job, regardless of gender. We need the best skill set but we also need to find people that are a good personality fit for the team.

We all spend a lot of our time at work, so my colleagues are like family to me. But we are able to work flexible hours; starting and finishing earlier sometimes and working from home which means I can manage my life with my real family, and making sure my dog Wilson doesn’t spend too much time on his own. I am most motivated because of the message behind everything we do, which is ultimately about saving lives.


Azucena González, Mobile Unit Technician in Spain

I have over 30 years of experience working in the telealarm and telecare sector, working in various roles. My current technical role is quite male-dominated, but I am lucky to work in a company that is very much about equality. I am on equal terms with my colleagues. I am proud that Tunstall has the best technology in the market, and we give older and ill people, as well as their caregivers, peace of mind and security in their homes for as long as possible. The best part of my job is having direct and daily contact with users. I learn so much from their stories, experiences and suggestions. It’s wonderful to see how we can keep them connected to their families, homes, communities and habits.

I have my own experience as a mother and a carer as my daughter has autism. It has been and continues to be a constant struggle, but with the support of my husband, along with courage and perseverance, she has reached unthinkable goals; she rides a bike, swims, loves photography, draws, is starting to use writing and, most importantly, she shows her affection, gives me kisses and hugs... and she is happy. So, I feel very proud of her.


Tiffany Terei, Customer Service Consultant, Tunstall - Australia

I love working for Tunstall because we offer people the freedom to live wherever they choose to. Our customer service is at the forefront of who we are and what we stand for. We collaborate across all departments, and with our clients, ensuring our common goals are achieved. I love solving technology challenges, but ultimately it’s about making sure every interaction our customers have with the company is a positive one, and leaves them feeling happy. As a professional, I also try to value and prioritise myself when I need to – we have to look after ourselves so we can look after others.

Everyone at Tunstall takes care of each other, and that practice has an impact on their wellbeing and their work. When we support each other, we promote a positive change. When we show that we care, by actively listening to the concerns of our colleagues, we can really make an impact on each other's lives for the better. Which in turn means having a happier employee who feels valued and who, thereafter, increases the quality of their work and their productivity.

Taking responsibility and shaping the future

Every company is a collective of people. All the stories above are the true inspiration to us all while we work towards a more fair, equitable, respectful, and vibrant world. In part it pains me to recognise that there may still be some among us that feel there may be barriers to their own professional and personal progression, however we must acknowledge these as real and lived experiences in order to overcome them. This is why we at Tunstall highlight these diverse individuals, and champion the stories of many more of our colleagues, partners, clients, and friends in their quest for an equitable life for all. Our ethos is one of empowerment and choice, and we continue to work hard to become even better at achieving this for our own team as well as those our technology supports.

Emil Peters, CEO, Tunstall Group

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