Bed / Chair Occupancy Sensor

Independent Living

What is it?

The Bed/Chair Occupancy Sensor is a pressure pad for a bed or chair which monitors occupancy and automatically raises an alarm call if unexpected activity is detected. It can identify if an individual has not gone to bed by a specified time or if they have left their bed during the night and have not returned within anexpected time period.

Who is it for?

It is designed for anyone who needs extra support to enable independent living, by increasing monitoring and protection in the home. It is suitable for individuals who have recently been discharged from hospital, older people with mobility issues or anyone receiving medication.

How does it work?

The standard bed pressure pad, is placed underneath the mattress on the bed. A wider bed pad is also available which goes on top of a mattress, giving increased sensitivity where users are very small, light or move significantly during their sleep. When linked to a Lifeline home unit or other Tunstall telecare enabled system, the bed sensor assists carers to manage the risks associated with independent living by raising an alarm if an individual gets out of bed and not return by a certain time. The sensor also raises an alert if the user doesn’t go to bed by a certain time or get up by a certain time the following morning.

The chair occupancy sensor works in the same way, consisting of a chair pressure pad, providing a complete occupancy solution.

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