Minuet Watch

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What is it?

The Minuet Watch is a stylish, high-quality watch which incorporates a personal alarm, so that the wearer can trigger a call for help if they need it.


Who is it for?

The Minuet Watch is designed for anyone who would benefit from carrying a personal trigger at all times, including those with physical or age-related health conditions. It is useful for younger telecare users who prefer something more modern than the traditional personal pendant style alarm. Its discreet, contemporary design makes it ideal for situations where a personal alarm needs to be more covert, such as with vulnerable people or where there is a risk of domestic violence.


How does it work?

Used in the same way as a standard personal trigger, when the user requires assistance all they need to do is press the alarm button on the watch face. The Minuet Watch will then send a radio signal to the Lifeline home unit or other Tunstall compatible telecare system, which then raises a call to the monitoring centre. The Minuet can be worn as a watch around the wrist using the supplied wrist strap or around the neck using the supplied neck cord and holder.

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