PIR Detector

Independent Living

What is it?

The Tunstall PIR motion detector is a passive infrared monitoring device which detects movement, so inactivity can raise an alarm to a monitoring centre.
Lightweight and easy to install, the wall-mounted detector can be placed anywhere without the need for screw fixings. It can be configured using fast and
standard transmission.


Who is it for?

Suitable for any home or group living environment, the PIR motion detector helps provide security and reassurance 24 hours a day. The PIR can be used to detect inactivity so that if movement has not been detected within a home over a predetermined time period, an alarm will be raised to the monitoring centre.
For combination monitoring the PIR can be used to provide both intruder and inactivity monitoring simultaneously thereby reducing costs, while significantly
increasing levels of safety and security for the user.


How does it work?

The lightweight wireless PIR detector can be easily installed and registered to Lifeline Home units or other Tunstall telecare enabled systems. Once unexpected movement and/or a period of inactivity is detected, the PIR will generate an alarm call to a 24 hour monitoring centre, where the most appropriate course of action will be taken.


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