Lifeline Smart Hub

Connecting people through connected care

What is it?

The Lifeline Smart Hub is a complete 'Connected Care' monitoring and alarm system for the home. It uses future proof, smart technology to connect service users with care professionals in real time, enabling people to live independently in their own homes.

Who is it for?

Designed for anyone who needs an extra level of support to maintain independence at home, the Smart Hub gives reassurance that 24/7 support is on hand at the touch of a button. It offers confidence to older people living alone, individuals recuperating after a hospital stay and anybody with reduced mobility or long term health conditions. 

How does it work?

The Smart Hub uses cutting edge technology to link with a wide range of sensors around the home connected directly to monitoring centres through IP technology, offering endless possibilities for the provision of care in the home.

Bringing all services and data together via PNC and Tunstall's Device Management Platform (DMP), the Smart Hub can link up to 50 sensors (including Tunstall's full telecare sensor range) such as heat, carbon monoxide, fire and smoke, fall detection and enables the user to access help in their home 24 hours a day. Alarm calls can be made by users pressing a button on the Smart Hub unit or using a pendant worn on the wrist or neck. 

The alarms are sent over a cellular network or by an ethernet connection through the users home broadband network.

Calls are answered by specially trained monitoring centre operators, who access the user's information through PNC and respond appropriately by either contacting a family member, a neighbour or calling the emergency services.

IP technology not only allows calls to be made, it can collect monitoring data, provide vital information on the hub's status and enable over the air upgrades remotely. It also supports the introduction of future services including smartphone apps.

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