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How to communicate with people with dementia

As the disease progresses, the person loses language function, and communication with them becomes complicated. Let's look at some tips to improve communication with the person with dementia:  

  • Speak slowly and clearly. Give time to respond, don't interrupt.  
  • Get in front of the person to talk to them, so that they have time to see and recognise you.
  • Use simple words, short phrases, and a gentle and calm tone of voice. 
  • Pay attention to their concerns, even if it's hard to understand. Motivate them to express themselves. 
  • Reduce distractions and noises, such as television and radio. 
  • If they don’t understand you, repeat the information as many times as needed.  
  • Treat them with dignity and respect. Don't treat them in a childish or authoritarian way.

Don't talk about them like they’re not present. They may not understand what you say, but they do understand that you are talking about them.  


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